UNN Mode Of Admission Before Post-UTME Screening Exercise Was Introduced

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University Of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN Mode Of Admission Before Post-UTME Screening Exercise Was Introduced, How UNN Used To Run Admission Without Putme.


If you have been following our updates since the scrap of post UTME screening exercise by the federal government, you would have noticed that we are trying our possible best to clear the confusion on so many aspirant’s mind, There is confusion everywhere especially in the minds of university aspirants since the news about scrapping of post utme broke out. Everybody is asking how will universities determine cutoff marks or admit students. Before post utme was introduced in 2005, universities have been admitting people and bringing out cutoff marks though the system varies in different schools.

Some universities used both Jamb results and o’levels points, some used only Jamb results. In this post, We are concerned about UNN and how they used to run admission when there was no putme.

Like I said, before post utme was introduced UNN still used to run her admission same way she does now; the only difference is that there was nothing like an average score. As we all know, since the introduction of post utme UNN makes use of an average score of post utme and utme(JAMB) scores to determine your score for admission. The cutoff marks are determined by general performance in putme.

After the release of primary list, there will be an advertisement for supplementary form in which those that will score 180/200 and above in “PUTME” will be eligible to purchase, fill a lower course that has a lower cutoff mark than your average score and compete with others that will purchase and fill same course with you.

If you do not purchase this supplementary form, you will likely not get admission in subsequent lists called supplementary lists. There is nothing like enrolling your name in a lower course if you do not purchase the supplementary form as a compensation for not being admitted in your original course.

You must purchase the supplementary form for you to be enrolled in a lower course and not everyone who purchases the supplementary form must be admitted in a lower course you fill even when your average score is above the cutoff mark of that course you will fill, its mostly by merit for those with high scores, sorting with money for those who can afford it and also luck.

Now you have understood how UNN runs admission with post utme, lets discus how UNN used to run admission without putme.
Like I said, there is no much difference. After utme (Jamb) is written, UNN maps out cutoff marks for different courses which they dont make public.

The cutoff marks are determined based on the general performance in utme. The better people perform in utme, the higher the cutoff marks and vice versa.

After the release of primary list, there will be an advertisement for supplementary form in which people who score 180/200 in utme (Jamb) and choose UNN in utme will be eligible to purchase.

During my own time when there was no putme, I entered UNN through supplementary by purchasing supplementary form then because I was cut off from my original course since I didn’t score up to the cutoff mark.

There was nothing like enrolling you into another course no matter what your score would be, you must purchase a supplementary form. Sorting of admission with money was very common then.

Now the latest news about putme says it will be oral/technical screening and essay writing, NOT written putme. We will keep you updated which ever one that will be abducted this time around and how it will be.

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