Simple ways to remove gel nails yourself

Gel nails are very popular. But there comes a time when your gel nails need to be removed. Forget about loosening your gel nails in the shower, because there are better ways to solve this problem. Go to the kitchen and get your make-up bag, because with this simple trick you will remove your gel nails in no time.

How it works
Even gel nails that have been put by a professional can be easily removed with these tricks. It is important to proceed carefully so that your nails remain protected and nothing stands in the way of a new manicure. Take aluminum foil, acetone, cotton wool and a nail file. Carefully file off the top layer of your gel nail until the gel breaks, as it were. Be careful not to file in one place for too long; you don’t want to damage your own nail. Meanwhile, soak the cotton wool in acetone and place it on your nail. Then wrap aluminum foil around the nail. And then? Time to relax.

Good care is important
Let the cotton wool sit for fifteen minutes for optimum results. While you wait, you can already dream about your next manicure . Will you soon give your new gel nails a bright color, a cool design, or maybe both? Everything is possible. Before you know it, the quarter of an hour is over and it is time to remove the foil and cotton wool. You will see that the top layer starts to flake. Repeat the previous steps if there are leftovers of gel. After removing the gel nails it is important to take good care of your nails. For this, use an oil that you apply several times a day. This way your nails stay healthy and you can plan your next visit to the nail studio without any problems.

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