Nail thinning after gel nail treatment?

[Style intellectual] The gel nail that hardens and hardens, the correct ‘removal’ is the most important

Only general manicure is applied It is the 20th that started gel nail treatment in the summer. I lost my heart to the unique shine of gel nails and I only nailed gel for a few months. But after changing to gel nail, I feel nail weakened. Not long ago, I picked up something on the desk and the nail tip was broken. Is your nail thinner because of gel nails? Please let me know how you manage your weakened nails.

A.> The gel nail is different from the normal nail polish, and after applying the nail polish, it is hardened by using LED ยท UV lamp.

Once hardened, the gel nails last longer than normal nails because they harden hard and do not easily fall off the nails. If I manage well, I can go for three to four weeks.

Instead, gel nails can not be removed with regular nail removers, and gel removers can only be used to remove them. I put the cosmetic cotton wiped with gel remover on the gel nail and wrap it with foil to dissolve the gel nail polish and then remove it.

At this time, the gel nail which has not been properly removed is soaked again with a gel remover, or is removed by pushing it into a nail pusher or a file. In some nail shops, you can also slightly remove the gel nail with a special nail drill or file.

If the gel nail is torn off forcefully, the thin stratum corneum of the nail may peel off and damage it. Do not try to force it!

If you do not have time to go to the nail shop,Applying oil between your fingernail and gel nail can remove it without any damage.

If you feel nails become thin or thin after the gel nail procedure, it is likely that the gel nail has been damaged in the process of removing the gel nail itself. Excessive nail surface has been grinded or melted and damaged.

When I have been taking gel nails and removing them continuously or by doing wrong self-“off” (soak-off), my fingernails are getting thinner, and they often get torn, cracked and broken. It is best to wait

for healthy nails to grow before they are damaged or weakened . Because applying nutrients on damaged nails does not give rise to new nails. It is a good idea to

nail the nails to a short length so that they do not bend easily, and the surface of the nails should be cleaned up using a sanding block . While nurturing your fingernails, apply a nutritive to your cuticle line. It is also good to apply nutrition lotion.

Use a nail strengthener that will not break your fingernails when applied, once every 3 days, and then on the first day of the week.

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