How to Start Mini Importation Business with Small Amount of Money

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How to Start Mini Importation Business

how to start a profitable and lucrative import/export business in Nigeria in simple steps – without any connection or an import licence!

These are top quality products offered by some of the best and 100% genuine, reliable and trusted companies on the internet where you will find various household and office equipments and supplies at very cheap prices.

Trust me. You simply cannot go wrong with this business opportunity! And I will tell you why. It is because you are dealing with reliable and genuine companies on the internet, with many years of good reputation for doing genuine business behind them.

How to get started

In this article I’ll uncover the mystery on where you can get cheep things to purchase on the web, how to get them and where you have to buy them. Likewise you don’t really require a store to begin.

You can Import top and quality items from everywhere throughout the world for as much as 50% underneath discount or 80% off retail location costs for things running from tablets, Smartphone, cell phones,  wrist watches, digital cameras, jewelries, power bank, television set, clothes, headset, etc

How to make your order

In order to make ends meet, people nowadays not only need to have access to Multiple Streams of Income, but also businesses that bring constant streams of income

Note: You don’t need to go to Japan, USA or China to run your transaction, It’s really less demanding to import 100% on online and less expensive to run. You can begin with as low as N2000 and make four times or more benefit from it.

How to Search For Products to Buy

One of the inquiries we frequently get from our readers is “the way to comprehend what to purchase that will sell speedier in Nigeria” Nigeria with populace of more than 160million of potential shoppers, along these lines anything can offer yet the mystery is to do research to discover items that are sought after. From our experience, a large portion of the quick offering items are not costly they’re mainly accessories.

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Visit a portion of the Nigerian online stores, scan for quick offering things and realize what individuals are searching for, on the off chance that you need to make high turnover you don’t need to purchase costly things, concentrate on accessories, babies, ladies, fitness items and so forth.

One more thing, before you purchase anything from any site dependably pay special mind to the merchant’s internet rating and reputation, look down the page of the item you’re assessing on the web and check what different purchasers comment are by this, you will have the capacity to choose whether to purchase from  the dealer or not.

Who Can Do This Business?

  • Businessmen
  • A working class individual who is looking for alternative source of income
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Groups and Organizations
  • Housewives
  • Any body

How to start importation of goods

All that is required is to open an account with the online market that can be opened on the site with an email and a password. Likewise a MasterCard or Visa Account is required for the online installment which will be financed by the local bank in Nigeria. In this online market any type of product can be bought at very affordable prices and most of the products are free shipping.

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How to receive your product

The buyer also needs access to internet and computer because the whole transaction takes place on the internet, from the registration to the buying to the shipping and the receipt. After that the buyer is now ready to buy and ship any product of their choice from the online market and ship to their destination anywhere Nigeria

How to pay for your products

Once you choose a product you pay for them accordingly after choosing your quantity and colour as seen in most cases. Once you accept the product after thorough evaluation you input your MasterCard or Visa-card details and once your payment goes through your product are ready to be shipped.

How long will it take to get your product

Once you have paid for your product, you are given a couple of days before which your products will be shipped. Once the products have been shipped, you will be issued a tracking number for each product shipped at a time. A shipment takes at least 2 weeks to reach a Nigerian destination. Sometimes it’s faster than that and sometimes it’s longer than that, so you have to exercise little patience and wait

Where you can get your product

So it’s important for the buyer to locate the nearest Nigerian Post Office closest to their shipping address. On the website the buyer can search for products that they want to buy ranging from household products to clothing to electronic gadgets to office equipment etc. Virtually anything can be bought from the internet online market. All you need to do is to search, locate, evaluate and order. Some of the products are even on free shipping which means that you only pay for the products.

Genuine site where you can buy a product

  • Amazon
  • New Egg
  • Aliexpress
  • Ever Buying
  • DHGate
  • IPmart
  • Dino Direct
  • Cellular Country
  • Made In China
  • How to collect your product

Once the item gets to Nigeria and in the tracking id giving to you make sure you are following it, you should know when your item is at the NIPOST office. Most circumstances the authorities at NIPOST calls you to inform you that you have a parcel.[]

You are required to go to the post office with an ID card bearing the similar name you utilized for your shipment. The ID card could be your voters’ card, National ID Card and so on.

Your item is enlisted after which you sign and collect your item. We say your shipment is ALMOST complete because after the receipt of your product you still have a role to fulfill. After the receipt of your product you are expected to go and confirm that you have received the product

This is to enable the online site to pay the seller of the product. Also if you are not satisfied with the product or it doesn’t meet the details shown to you by the buyer or the product got damaged enroute your destination – there is an opportunity for you to seek redress by way of full refund of your money or that the seller sends another better product.

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