How to remove the phototherapy nails

More and more beautiful women like to do nail painting

But because nail polish is easy to fall off

I can DIY nails at home.

But because of the long-lasting maintenance of phototherapy

So of course it is not easy to remove easily

So I want to teach everyone today.

Tools/raw materials
Hard nail polish
Method / step
Use a grinding rod to remove the surface layer of the nail

Put a cotton pad or cotton,

Cut the right amount and use “Unloading liquid” to moisten it.

Cut out the “aluminum foil” of the size,

a cotton pad or cotton that has been stained with a nail remover

Covered on the nail

Remember to wrap when wrapping.

Remember to try not to have a gap

Wait about 5-10 minutes.

(This part is determined according to the thickness of the glue and each label.

How much will be a bit different)

Use “steel push” or “terracotta sculpture stick”

Gently scrape off the gel

But because of the gel itself, the nails will be thicker and harder!

Usually I can’t get used to the original nail after I remove it.

It is recommended to use hard nail polish to harden the nail file!

Finally, the maintenance of “finger oil”

It seems that the fingertips are very pink!

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