HOW TO REMOVE THE GEL ON NAILS? two great techniques

For all those who are wondering how to remove the gel on the nails without going through the institute and ensuring that the removal of the gel is painless and especially without risk to the beauty of natural nails?


First of all, first disinfect your hands and push back your skins, then, either:

File the gel

The simplest technique is to file the largest part of the gel, without going as far as filing the nail itself. Be careful the natural nail should not heat or blush, it would mean that you file too hard. The best is to leave a small layer of gel that will grow at the same time as the nail and leave alone using a soft polisher, it will be necessary to spend once a week on your nails. This thin layer remaining will allow the nail to be stronger. They must be treated to help them rebuild a solid foundation. So I put a transparent varnish treatment to give shine and especially  feed them and I finish by feeding my skin around the nails .

  Use a suitable product

 It is possible to melt the resin or the gel with acetone.
For this, it is necessary to begin by slightly filing the surface of the nail to make it porous and thus facilitate the penetration of the solution. Then, place a piece of cotton soaked in acetone on each nail and hold them with foil. After about 20 minutes, the gel or resin will soften and come off more easily. In any case, after removing your gel, care must be taken to your nails, to feed them and protect them from the aggression they have just suffered. For this, a layer of “hardener” and a nourishing oil must be applied to the base of the nail.

When you have UV gel or resin nails always take care to ensure that the prosthetist does not damage your fingernail too much, it is not necessary to file too much the surface of the nail when laying gel.

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