How to remove gel nails with acetone step by step

The gel nails are an excellent choice for those people who do not have long but for a special occasion and want to take them . Today we show you how to remove gel nails with acetone , one of the fastest and most effective methods. Keep reading and discover how to do it.

Steps to remove gel nails with acetone
The first thing you have to do is remove the enamel and any decorations that have nails . They must be clean to be able to act directly on the gel and to be removed completely and easily.
You must have a pot of pure acetone , not just the one that comes in the common nail polish remover, since the concentrated amounts are different. Pure acetone dissolves the adhesive upon contact with the gel nails, so it will be the most effective you can find.
Prepare a bowl with acetone and put it in a larger container and in turn have hot water, so that the acetone is heated in a water bath . Leave it for 3-5 minutes to temper.
Pure acetone can damage your skin , so it is best to protect the one around the nails with Vaseline, using a swab for its application. It is very important that you do not put petroleum jelly on your nails.
Moisten a piece of cotton in acetone and place it on top of the nail. Wrap the finger with aluminum foil or tape to keep it firmly attached. Repeat this process with all the nails, letting them be like this for 30 minutes.
There is also the option to put your fingers in the bowl so that the nails get wet directly with the acetone, but it can irritate your skin.
After 30 minutes, remove the cottons and you will see that the gel has fallen off the nails . You may have to take it off a little in some places, but it will come out easily. If you see that it is still very stuck, let it moisten 10 minutes more.
Clean the nails and lick them to leave them in good condition. Use a hand cream to moisturize them since after removing the gel nails can be a little weakened.

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