How to remove fake nail gal: step-by-step

The false gel nails are really tempting when you aspire to a manicure at the top and for several weeks. They take a long time, are very comfortable and require little maintenance. But when you remove them, if you do not pay attention, you can damage his natural nails.

The nail file and the polisher to remove his false gel nails
A well-stocked manicure kit must contain a nail file and a nail sander, or polisher. They will be very useful to remove your false gel nails. Choose a nail file made from cardboard or glass, preferably metal files that may damage your nails. Some files have two sides, one with a bigger grain than the other. They are perfect tools to remove false gel nails. Before starting to attack the gel itself, it shortens the length of false nails and removes the varnish. With the coarse-grained side of your nail file, start scrubbing the fake nail all over its surface. Stop as soon as the natural nail starts to appear and repeat the operation with the small grain face of the nail file. Get as close to the natural nail as possible, but not touching it. Finish with the polisher that will restore luster to your nails.

A product to remove false gel nails
If you have false nailsin gel, you must have noticed their resistance, especially to the solvent that has no action on it. So you will have to find other products to get rid of your fake nail gel. So there is a magic product if you want to remove your fake nail gel: acetone. However, be very careful if you use it, because it can be dangerous for the skin and it is essential to protect it with a fatty cream, such as Vaseline. Begin by filing the surface of your false nails. A few lime strokes are enough, no need to insist. Arm yourself with patience and soak the nails in acetone for half an hour before wrapping them in aluminum foil for the same amount of time. Meanwhile, the gel will be softened by the action of thepreserving the health of your nails . If there is a bit of freezing, either you start again, or you have a little polisher.

Do your manicure after removing false gel nails
All that is deposited on his nails necessarily has a consequence. Thus, polish can stain nails and false gel nails can make natural nails brittle or fragile . It is therefore essential to do a careful manicure when you have removed his false gel nails. Begin by filing the edge of your nails giving them the shape that goes to your hands. It will strengthen them and bring them resistance. Then lightly sand the top of the nails to remove any residue. Moisturize your hands, nails and cuticles with a moisturizer or vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil. Finally, if you wish, deposit a layer of hardener varnish or base coat, then a varnish.

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