How to drop the gel nail ? At home self off easy! Procedure & Tips & Care

Have you ever wanted to know how to drop gel nails?

“When I was told to drop the gel nails” or “I was told to drop it suddenly,” it’s hard for me to spend on transportation expenses after making a reservation at the nail salon.

However, gel nails can be dropped even with self if the tips are kept ?

What’s more, if you do not feel the burden of money at home, you are also happy to drop it at your favorite timing!

This time, I will introduce how to drop gel nails .

In addition, for people who have tried to drop the gel nail by themselves and failed , how to drop NG and nail care methods to keep the beautiful nail even after dropping the gel nail are also described.

Read this article and keep the beautiful finger tips, as nails are easy to catch

table of contents

1. How to drop gel nails
2. How to drop gel nails
3. Drop the gel nail! Nail care method
4. How to drop gel nails
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1. How to drop gel nails
How to drop gel nails depends on the type of gel nails. There are two
major types of gel nails: soft and hard .

Hard types can not be dropped with gel remover, so they will all be scraped off.
However, it is said that it is better to ask a professional gel nail if it is a hard type, as nails may be damaged if you try to cut all hard types by yourself.

On the other hand, you can drop it at home if it’s a soft type!

Necessary items can be arranged at a 100 yen shop etc., so the burden of the amount of money can be reduced.

Then let’s see how to drop soft type gel nails

1 Things to prepare
In order to drop gel nails by self, let’s prepare the necessary items first

<Necessary thing>

1 gel remover
You can not use gel nails with nail polish removers, so be sure to choose a remover that says gel.

2 files
Files differ in the roughness (grit number) of the file depending on the object.
It is recommended to use 80 to 150 G when shaving gel nails.

3 metal pusher
Because the tip is curved according to the roundness of the nail, it is believed that you can drop the gel nail while considering the burden on the nail.

4 aluminum foil
Prepare a few minutes of gel nail to drop the aluminum foil cut into about 10 cm square.

5 cotton
Cut a piece of cotton into four or six pieces and prepare one quarter of a gel nail for one quarter or one sixth of it.

6 soft buffer
It is used to remove the residue of gel nails and to adjust irregularities on the surface of nails.
Because it is a sponge type, it is an item that can adjust the shape and surface while suppressing the burden on the nails.

7 cuticle oil
Gel Remover may dry the nails and cuticles (on the edge of the nails), so using it after dropping the gel nails can be expected to prevent the skin from drying out on the fingertips.

<Good things to have>

¦ Rubber gloves or plastic bag
By wearing it during the gel remover’s standing time, it seems that it can be easily permeated into the gel. As it is, it seems that it will be more easily penetrated by gel when it is put in lukewarm water, so let’s prepare lukewarm water if it is enough.

In addition, it is said that you should leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes if you just put on rubber gloves, so you can do other things during that time by using rubber gloves and plastic bags.

Procedure to drop 2 gel nails

It is important to have a firm grasp of the procedure to remove the gel nails.
Here, I will explain the detailed procedure and point to drop the gel nail

We cut gel nail with 1 file
It is believed that the reason for shaving gel nails in the file is to make it easier for the gel to penetrate the gel remover.
Therefore, take care not to scrape your own nails and scrape the entire gel nail.
As shown in the figure, sharpening the tip of the gel nail is the key to make it easier for the gel to penetrate the gel remover.

How to drop the gel nail with a stone is different depending on the size of the stone.
Small stones are scraped and dropped, and in the case of large stones, the adhesive side of the gel is difficult to drop widely, so after scraping the gel around the stone, immediately move on to the process of only the nail
 2.  If you find it hard to remove the stone, you can easily remove it with a nail clipper!
Lay aluminum foil under two fingers, put cotton on gel nail and soak gel remover
When soaking in cotton, let’s make it to the extent that the liquid does not drip.
If you fold the aluminum foil about 1 cm as shown in the figure, the liquid will not drip easily.

Wrap the aluminum foil under 3 fingers and leave for 10 to 15 minutes
If you put rubber gloves and plastic bags after winding the aluminum foil, the permeability will increase more.

[Point] When 
putting on rubber gloves and plastic bags By performing the process from 1 to 3 with only one hand, you will be able to get rid of the gel nails of the other hand during the standing time, which will also shorten the time!

4 Remove the floating gel nail with a pusher
By dropping with a pusher, it seems that gel nails can be dropped without putting a load on the nails.

If the gel remains firmly, repeat steps 1 to 4 again without force peeling.
Check if the gel nail is floating every 5 minutes during the standing time.

5 Scrub the surface of the nail with soft buffer
If there is only a small amount of gel nails, scrape the surface of the nails with a soft buffer.
You can also use a soft buffer to smooth out the surface of the nail.
By rubbing the surface evenly, you will be able to get closer to the original self-nail condition.

6 Apply cuticle oil
Make sure to apply cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles, as gel removal makes the skin on your fingertips easier to dry.
If you do not have cuticle oil, you can use hand cream instead.

Off end
If you want to give more gloss to your nails after turning off gel nails, we recommend that you use Shiner (glossy nail polish) before applying cuticle oil!
Because it gives a sense of luster by doing so, it will be finished in a shiny nail

2. How to drop gel nails

Have you ever experienced “the nail got thinner”, “the nail got white”, and “the fingertips got rough” when you turned off the gel nail on your own?

It is said that this is the result of the gel being left behind and the effect of scraping the surface of the nail in the wrong way. In addition, there is a possibility that the fingertips become rough because remover etc. have been left too much.

In the way of dropping gel nail that tends to do just after, it may be lurking NG action to damage the fingertip.

Here, I will explain how to drop the gel nails NG!

1 Forcedly
Stop peeling the gel nail by hand.

Even if the gel nails have been partially removed, the degree of adhesion of the gel nails remaining slightly is high, and it may be easy to peel off the surface of the nails by peeling them with your hands.

If the surface of the nail peels off, not only the nail will be white, but also the strength may be weak, and it may be possible that it may be broken at some time.

Since nails are originally thought to be a support when grasping things or putting in force, removing them by force may lead to problems in daily life.

2 Remove with the liquid remover
Do not drop the gel nail with the light remover.

Some people have misunderstood that gel nails, like nail polishes (manicure), should be removed with a light removing solution. However, since gel nails and nail polish have different ingredients, it is not possible to remove gel nails with a light removal solution.

3 Drop everything down
Let’s stop cutting and dropping all gel nails.

Gel nails are hard to work with if it is a hard type, so there may be no choice but to scrape and drop it in some cases, but there are also people who scrape and drop everything even with a soft type.

If you cut everything down, it may be difficult to understand the boundary between gel nails and nails, and it is likely that the nails will be shaved.
The method introduced in the previous chapter is to remove some gel nails, but it is only for the purpose of making it easy for the remover to penetrate, so do not scrape and drop all gel nails.

4 Try to drop only with gel remover
Stop trying to drop gel nails with gel remover only.

When used for a long time, gel remover is said to lead to roughening of the fingertips.

Be careful not to leave it for a long time, even if you do not intend to drop it with gel remover alone.

3. Drop the gel nail! Nail care method

Even after dropping the gel nail, I want to keep my nails clean.
After gel nails, it is important to carry out nail care as nails tend to be worn out.

Women’s hands seem to be conscious of looking at men too ?
If you hear such things, you can’t stand or stand.

Let’s clean your nails properly from now on so that the men you care about may appear anytime!

Here we introduce how to care for nails.

1 Adjust the shape of the nail

The shape of the nail is said to be broadly divided into five types: square off square round oval point.
As you go to the left side of the figure, the nails are less likely to break.
Let’s arrange in the form of your choice!

<What to prepare>
¦ File

<How to fix the shape of nails>
[1] We cut the tip with file to favorite length
[2] We scrape the side and arrange in preferred shape

Even though the shape of the nail is beautifully cut, it is believed that the shape will collapse as it extends.
Therefore, let’s fix it at a pace of once every one to two weeks.

2 Remove the cuticles
Gel Nail How to remove Easy Off Cotton Remover Acetone Aluminum Foil File SaveBy removing the cuticles, the nails can be easily seen beautifully and the sense of cleanliness can also be produced. In
addition, it is said that the effect is also seen that the fingers are elongated.

<What to prepare>
¦ Cuticle Remover
¦ A lukewarm water put in a container with a fingertip size
¦ Pusher
¦ Gauze

<How to remove sweet potato>
[1] Apply the cuticle remover to nails and cuticles
[2] Put the fingertips in a container containing warm water for about 3 minutes
[3] Wipe your fingertips with a towel, apply the cuticle remover again and let it settle with your fingers
[4] Push up the cuticles with a pusher
[5] With gauze moistened with hot water, wipe out the raised cuticles

Let’s perform the removal of cuticles once every two to three weeks.

3 Polish your nails

<What to prepare>
¦ Buffer
¦ Shiner
(There is also a 3 WAY buffer with two types of buffer with different roughness and Shiner set)

<How to brush your nails>
[1] Rub the surface of the nail with buffer
[2] Polish the surface of the nail with Shiner

Frequent brushing on the nails can be a burden on the nails, so a guide should be once every two weeks.

4 Moisturize

The fingertips are easily dried because they often touch water, and it is also possible that the skin may become rough if you touch the gel remover when dropping the gel nails.
Therefore, let’s do moisturizing care properly every day as a way to keep your fingertips healthy.

<What to prepare>
¦ Cuticle oil
¦ Hand cream

<How to remove sweet potato>
[1] Apply cuticle oil to the hairline of the nail
[2] Warm the hand cream while holding it in the palm and apply it to the entire hand including the fingertips

Give moisture with cuticle oil and allow it to be protected from drying with oil from hand cream.
Therefore, please be careful not to make a mistake in the order of painting.

4. How to drop gel nails

We introduced how to drop gel nails, NG how to drop them, and nail care methods. How was it?

If you can drop the gel nail at home, you may be able to respond to the accident “I’m going to spend with my battered nails!” Or “I suddenly dropped it.”

Even after dropping the gel nail by yourself, keep your fingertips snaking around

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