ABU Post UTME: How To Calculate ABU Post UTME Aggregate Score For Admission

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Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Post UTME: How To Calculate ABU Post UTME Aggregate Score For Admission


Your JAMB does not guarantee your Admission,I want you to have that at the back of your mind,now I want to clarify all A.B.U aspirants,so many of them has been asking how do they calculate their aggregate score? What do they need to score and be sure of their admission? I now decided to break it down here so that it will help them know their target.

Ahmadu Bello University, ABU 2016: How To Calculate Post UTME Aggregate Score For Admission

It is the aggregate that will be used in the admission process. The aggregate is calculated like this,

Your PUTME score multiply by 4, plus your Jamb score and divided by 2.

E.g Let say someone scored 200 in JAMB and 80 in Post UTME.

The aggregate will be: 80
multiply by 4 = 320 +200=520/2 =260.

It’s this 260 that will be used to process the admission.

This is not normally made public, but it’s a fact.

The institution will called everyone who scored 180 and above and chose ABU as 1st choice for the PUTME. But that’s just a way of getting more candidate to come for the PUTME and making money from prospect students.

The fact is there are sum Jamb scores that you can’t use to gain admission in ABU

if you are not from catchment area.
Imagine someone who is from lagos State, who scored 195 in Jamb and have an aggregate of 210 after the Post UTME and applied for MBBS! How on earth will he be admitted? MBBS for example have a cut off point of 250 and above for screening off non-catchment area students (like i said early, this is not made public).

So after the Post UTME screening and aggregate has been calculated, a student who isn’t from catchment area, might not be admitted for MBBS, if he is fortunate or if the runs is tight, he might be diverted and givien another course.

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  1. ojah Chika Nteoma says:

    I need assistance on how to register ABU postutme. I’m from Eastern part of the country.

  2. ABDUL says:

    Is KWARA state among the catchment area for ABU

  3. fatima najib ahmad says:

    I need more information about abu zaria

  4. Anonyms says:

    Kwara is one of their catchment areas @ ABDUL

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