Five Reasons why you should start an online business today

With the internet being accessed by billions of users daily, in search of EVERYTHING, it is no surprise that everyone is getting interested in setting up their own online business. Though the reasons might vary from person to person, bottom line is millions of people now make money from millions of businesses online. The minimum wage in the country is barely $40, which is just a fraction of what people who have  Online Businesses earn on daily basis.

1.Another source of Income

If you do not have enough time on your hands, probably due to other engagements or work, having an online business can be another source of income. You could easily have spare money to fund your lifestyle or attend to other basic needs.

2.Easy to setup and Run
Whether you are a student, Corp member, or working class graduate, you can easily set up any online business of your choice easily. The technical barrier to entry for online businesses in recent years, has greatly reduced, meaning anyone with little or no knowledge can setup any business online today. Be it a website, blog or affiliate marketing, there are free tools and readily available resources at your disposal on the web to set up just about anything you want to make money.

3.Risks are low
“If you start with nothing and end with nothing, then nothing was lost.” – Michael Dunlop
Many years back, starting up a business was considered a big deal. The internet revolution hadn’t been this heated. You most likely needed heavy paperwork, a physical store and money to hire, if you wanted to setup a store. If you rendered a service, you would have to probably rent another office space and a platform to advertise yourself and maybe pay for advertising space.

Today, all that has changed and you need to start an online business in Nigeria  is internet connection, a smartphone or a laptop start making money.

4.Job creation

There are millions of Nigerians out there, competing for few or non existent jobs. The internet revolution has seen millions of jobs being provided worldwide. Starting an online business means, as your income increases, you might just need more hands to help you. Today in the country, we have thousands of online businesses that have provided jobs. From blogs like Linda Ikeji, Bellanaija to eCommerce sites like Jumia, Konga to the dozens of internet startups or what many call the dotcom businesses that litter the country. You too can start small and grow big to create jobs.

5.A new way to Wealth

A quick look at the Forbes rich list shows that a good percentage of the individuals on the list, own massive online businesses. Most of these businesses started from scratch with little or nothing but today have made its founders extremely wealthy. While the odds of you being a billionaire might just be small, you can still join the millions of affiliate marketers, bloggers, eCommerce owners etc, to make enough money to make yourself comfortable and live the life you have always dreamed of.

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