“Easy to remove the gel nails, it’s as simple as returning to the nails!”

Unloading is not asking for help! Remove the gel nails yourself and unload the light yourself! The process of unloading steps is not privately shared~ In fact, as long as there is a tool for unloading, the steps of unloading the armor are not difficult at all. Save the money for unloading the armor. You can unload the material several times after buying the material!!

I remember that my first contact with the gel nails was to make the gel nails on the feet.
At that time, I didn’t go back to the store to remove the nails because it was French … slowly trimmed and I couldn’t see clearly on the feet ^^

Later, the second time I made a gel nail , the same foot, but the color and the overall feeling made me whole tired after the first week

I don’t want it to stay on my face for half
a moment ! Check the price of the unloading armor and find that it costs 300-600 ((It’s cheaper or because you have to remove the armor + rework,
you feel you have to learn to unload your armor, go online Look at the auction, there is no material to unload the gel nails.
Mainly buy the nail- removing liquid, find a studio selling nail materials in the east lane , and when the
boss buys the nail- removing liquid , she teaches me how to unload the nails. It’s quite simple!
From then on, it’s just that you don’t ask for someone!! Too accustomed to not even posting a message

Just this New Year, the nails stay long and long, typing is a bit unaccustomed!
When you unload the armor, take a photo and share with you the DIY unloading.
In fact, as long as there are tools, the steps of unloading are not difficult. ~
Save money for unloading, you can unload a lot of materials once you buy it!!

 Like me doing gel nails so many times, only the powder carvings have to go to the store to
unload the nails because I don’t know how to remove the powder carvings. In the process of the manicurist’s removal, the
original powder carvings are always milled. Off, if it is really too thick, first cut some and then grind
it. It is not very difficult!! It seems that there is a stick drill that is directly cut off and rubbed

DIY remove gel nail nail gadget
Rough grinding rod ((Important
fine sanding rod
polishing rod
to remove liquid ((Important
cotton ball or cotton pad
aluminum foil
push rod
paper edge oil)

Most necessary, I have to add ^^ after the name.

If you unload your gel nails, you must first make sure that the gel nails you made are removable gel nails.
Most nail salon gel nails can remove gel nails. It is quite difficult to remove the gel nails. It!

Removable gel nails can be soaked in the nail remover to make the gel nails fall off.
Unloading the gel nails will slowly remove the gel nails with the grinding rods, and will grind them to the end. A

Less than a month’s length of new long nails, you can see that there is already a 0.3mm! The
transparent design of the end allows the new nail and the gel nail to have the illusion of seamless integration. ^^
The nail is left so long for the first time. I am not used to it~ typing will be a bit unnatural! Haha

Like the gel nails that I have attached to the drill, I took the dead skin scissors I bought before and cut the rhinestones first.
If I don’t cut the rhinestones first, I can also remove the nails after the direct grinding, but it will repeat the unloading. The action is repeated many times!

Gel nails will be coated with many layers, and you won’t be too worried about cutting them when you cut them.
You see that after I cut the drill, the bottom layer is still the color of the gel nails ^^

 1. Grinding stick
The surface of the gel nail is destroyed, so that the unloading liquid can be easily penetrated
. 2. After the fine sand cotton wool
gel is removed, the cotton is used to grind a small amount of residual gel nails, and can also help a little. A face repair
3. Polishing stick A
bit like a face exfoliation, for polishing and brightening action, such as rubbing transparent nail polish

Take out the grinding rod 1. Grind the surface of the gel nails~~ This step everyone can be happy and bold, I will almost wipe out the transparent light on the surface, and the part close to the painting will stop, because the hand is also very sour. Ah!!~haha

The coefficient of the professional grinding rod is not very clear,
but the thickness is at least the thickness that you can use to wear the skin, and the thickness of the dead skin will not be seen!

Selection of unloading fluid
In the Ptt nail version, I have seen that the netizens use the general light to remove the nails. The method is the same. It takes more time
and the experience of using the water to remove the nails is: for a long time, the unloading is slow.

It is recommended to buy the nail remover for gel nails. The price is about twice as expensive as the light water, but it is more cost-effective than going to the person!

Currently used TOKYO STAR unloading liquid
before buying Just Nail unloading liquid, it is mild, general, mild and expensive (I am using mild
two compared to the next I think TOKYO STAR has a comparison around the side Dry feeling, Just Nail does not
prevent the nail remover from touching the finger for a long time, you can apply the finger edge oil on the finger edge before applying the nail remover 

Prepare a medium-sized aluminum foil paper, attach the nails, and avoid the evaporation of light from the unloading liquid.

 I am used to using a cotton pad, the size is better to control ~~ Some people will use cotton balls.
No matter which one you use, the size of the cotton piece should exceed the surface of the nail. All the infiltrated
nails are covered with a side and then wrapped with aluminum foil!! With the bag… the unloading liquid is not turbulent

 Covering about 5-10 minutes I will open situation gel nails peeling, showing such a piece would almost be open to push friends ~
gel nails almost softened Hello!

Take out the orange stick or the steel push to push off the gel nails that fall off. This is my favorite process!

The softened gel nail will fall off when you push it gently. If you find that it can’t push
the card, don’t push it hard. After softening it, repeat the just grinding action on the gel nail that has not been removed
and use it again. Unloading liquid + aluminum foil means wrap up and wait for 2-3 minutes!

 The nails after the gel nails are completely removed, wherein the index finger has a slight sanding with a fine sand. After
grinding it to half, it is thought that the nail should be cut first! Haha

After trimming and fine sanding and polishing the surface!! It is already a clean nail file~

It is said that just after the gel nails are unloaded, it will be very soft. You can take a bath and then remove the nails.
I have just finished unloading and went to take a bath. When I wash my hair, my nails are always folded.

You can also add a polishing step to make your nails smooth and bright.

Gel nail removal is to let the nails rest, so I will not rub the nail polish.
But the maintenance of the finger oil is a must!

My fingertips are super easy to have dead skin. The manicurist said that I should rub 3 to 5 times a day to get the finger oil, and I will have a feeling.


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