BUK Expels 44 Students, Rusticates 4, Exonerates 8

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Bayero University, Kano, BUK expels 44, rusticates 4 and exonerates 8 students of the institution.



Bayero University, Kano Senate at its 338th meeting held on Wednesday, 27th January, 2016 has expelled 44 students for being involved in the examinations misconduct.

This followed the recommendations from the 163rd Senate Business Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 19th January, 2016.

The Senate Business Committee (SBC) considered submissions from Faculties, the Senate Committee on Examinations Misconduct and Leakages, School of Continuing Education (SCE) and results from the School of General Studies and Entrepreneurship Studies.

The affected students were expelled in accordance with category 19.17 (Ai, iii, iv, v, vii, x, xii & xiii) as the case may be. They are:

1Muddasir Aliyu IdrisAGR/14/AGR/01022
2Rilwan Sa’adAGR/14/AGR/00132
3Abdullahi Abdulrahman MuhammadAIS/13/ARA/00347
4Ibrahim TukurSCI/10/BCH/00835
5Florence Philip ChechetAHS/14/NUR/00140
6Mubarak IsmailCST/14/COM/00873
7Rabiu Mu’azuCST/14COM/00920
8Mahmoud SaminuEDU/13/ADE/00427
9Haruna Aminu Sa’adEDU/13/ADE/00038
10Sagiru LawanEDU/13/PHE/00242
11Faisal Hassan UsmanEDU/10/TEC/00214
12Ameh John SedwaENG/14/MEC/00238
13Emmanuel StephenSPS/14/PME/00009
14Oche Orinya ZionSPS/14/GCE/00002
15Ufot IdorenyinSPS/14/GEE/00032
16Chatta Ibrahim MusaSPS/13/GEE/00027
17Suleiman Fahd IliyasuENG/12/ELE/00065
18Nura AliyuENG/13/ELE/00251
19Nazifi AbdullahiENG/13/COM/00201
20Ibrahim AliyuENG/12/COM/00014
21Aminu MuhammadENG/12/COM/00016
22Maryam Nura WaziriLAW/12/LLB/00285
23Elfrada Omzuawo IsemehLAW/13/LLB/00345
24Gift Uzoma ChinonsoLAW/13/LLB/00355
25Abdulganiy KhalillahiSCI/11/MTH/00867
26Muhammad Abubakar RafiuSCI/13/ELT/00134
27Ummu Salma IbrahimSCI/14/ZOO/00410
28Adam Naseer AbubakarSCI/13/BCH/00257
29Hussein YunusaSMS/14/BUS/00698
30Saminu B.K. ArungSMS/12/GEO/00061
31Farida Musa AbubakarSMS/13/POL/00491
32Barira Abdu BalarabeEDU/14/LIS/00615
33Sa’adatu TanimuEES/14/ENV/00020
34Musa Adamu GandujeSMS/14/POL/00805
35Adamu Abubakar AbdullahiSMS/11/POL/01520
36Rebacca Oshoke DavidSMS/14/ECO/00945
37Raliya MuhammadEDU/11/LIS/01103
38Precious Nimmo JamesSMS/14/POL/00930
39Oluchi ElumiSMS/14/POL/00929
40Yusuf Mohammed JamiuBBS/14/GMN/00183*
41Ismaila Umar MohammedBBS/14/MBA/00259
42Musa Audu NangereSCE/14/SSA/PAD/00332
43Tijjani Bayero AdoSCE/14/SSA/CRI/00157
44Onyekwere Happiness IfeomaSCE/14/EDU/ENG/00076

The Senate also rusticated four students for two semesters in accordance with category 19.17 (Bii, Vii) as the case may be. They are:

1Fatima Alhassan AhmadSCI/12/BIO/00132
2Zainab Muhammad MusaLAW/13/LLB/00455
3Aminu IsiyakuBBS/14/GMN/00181
4Daodu BamideleBBS/14/GMN/00072

Also, three candidates were approved to be served with warning letters in accordance with category 19.17 (Ci, iii, v) as the case may be. The affected students are:

1Aisha YakubuCST/14/COM/00783
2Rukayya Lamido DodoSCI/12/MTH/00134
3Ameen TaofiqSMS/11/POL/01515

Similarly, eight students were exonerated since a case of examinations misconduct could not be established against them. There are:

1Hamza Aliyu YahayaCST/13/COM/00477
2Rashida SalihuLAW/14/LLB/00733
3Usman Abdullahi MuhammadLAW/13/LLB/00518
4Sanni Mustapha KayodeLAW/14/LLB/00717*
5Oladimeji Sekinat LawanLAW/14/LLB/00746*
6Ladan Fatima MusaLAW/14/LLB/00657*
7Mustapha Fadila KaboLAW/14/LLB/00645*
8Nwachukwu ObiomaBBS/14/GMN/00048

In another development, the case of 3 candidates was deferred subject to reinviting them for a fair hearing. They are:

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