How To Become Successful Without a Degree

Do you want to find out how you can become successful without a degree ? Look no further because this the right platform for this information. In this article, we will be giving great ways for how to be successful without college or degree;

How To Become Successful Without a Degree

Generally speaking, many people who go to school come out literate, but not educated. Both are two different things. Literally, education means to train and to mold. If we are to take it a step further, it is the process of knowing yourself and your environment. So, if everyone who went to school was really educated, then we will have fewer people who do not understand how to navigate opportunities around them.

If you agree with me that education is about getting to know yourself and your environment, in that case, you will understand why your education is your full responsibility; not that of an accredited higher institution because really you own yourself. Besides, the first step to succeeding in our world without the standard academic qualification is to take responsibility for getting to know yourself and how to navigate the world around you.

The simple questions you should ask yourself are, “What am you good at?” “What would you love to do with your life?” “What do you need to improve about yourself?” And then, “Where are the opportunities today around the things you can do?” Therefore, I urge you to stop waiting for life to happen to you. Your education is your responsibility, you should know.

Most times, at a young age you feel like you still have the world and time at your feet, don’t deceive yourself because there’s no ideal age to success, it comes to those who push for it without any age restrictions. Even if you’ve only just turned 18 and decided not to go to college, or you’ve hit 35 and realized it’s time for a change, it’s never too soon to start exploring new opportunities, do a research about careers that would be best for you, look out for them and go for them!

Consider a career that don’t need a degree. You might be wondering the chances of been successful without a degree? You will be excited to hear that many careers, like air-traffic controller, dental assistant, detective and even teacher offer the chance to train as you work, so you’re being paid to become an expert in the career you’ve chosen, there are many careers you can pursue that do not need a university degree.

Careers like working in a construction site, movie industry and some other ventures, as these are careers that can help you build yourself positively that do not require degrees as such.

There is no better way to put this out for everyone to see or the best way to tell you this, but the internet has everything you need to build a successful career or business with or without a university degree. You have the tools to learn anything and to build, almost anything. It’s just unbelievable. The problem is that familiarity breeds contempt. Because it’s so easy to connect a smartphone to the internet, the majority of people sit on a goldmine and piss on it. Our ancestors will be looking upon this time with so much envy for us. Yet we don’t even understand the value of what we have.

Expanding your network is a great tool in helping you find your feet without a degree, because really networking is too influential but most people don’t even know, there is need to attend networking events in your city, join online webinars and hangouts, find key handles on social media and follow them, but also interact with them. Become a well-known name on their social media feeds, use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to build your own reputation. Before you know it you may be invited to conferences and social events, which are great places for you to increase your chances of success without college.

There is need to look out for a mentor that you can learn from, if you have an influential mentor with a past that is very much relatable, it gives you that motivation to keep pushing. Read extensively about your mentor, in some cases your chosen mentor might not be that influential and really popular, that’s also an advantage to you getting closer to them and learning one or two from them as that would be really helpful to you.

There’s no limit what you can achieve when you work hard. If you’re already in a job and it’s not boosting your career, try to reconfigure your responsibilities so it allows for more growth. Speak to your manager, explain you want to both earn money and develop a career at the same time. They may re-work your job title to keep you motivated.

And if they don’t, look for a new role that allows you become flexible, If you can’t find satisfaction in your current role, redraw and dedicate this time to self-development, whether that’s learning a new employable skill like touch-typing, learning a language, learning to code, or reworking your resume to make yourself seem more employable. Soon, this extra effort and hard work will pay off.

Always know there is no limit to what you can achieve. Set out yourself to learn while you working too, make out time to strengthen you with a skill while you still keep your current job. We all know someone that started from the bottom and worked their way up, like a hair stylist who started life washing hair for cash tips. The same applies in many business careers. Retail managers and consultants often began life on the shop floor; senior negotiators often started answering phones. So don’t just stop at working yourself out on that job, make out time to learn a skill, to improve yourself.

Everything you want from life is just outside your comfort zone. And comfort is the enemy of success. Listen, the world revolves around one currency. Sorry to say, that currency is not money; the currency upon which the world revolves is courage. That’s why there is no place in the world for the timid. Financial success, career success, business success, political success, and even spiritual success, are all the rewards for courageous actions. Likewise, you must have the courage to not be intimidated by people with higher academic qualifications; you must have the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Just in case you have barriers to education, such as time to study or the cost to finance a degree, i would suggest you try getting an online degree, as this will work perfectly with your time schedules and it also makes out time for you engage in other commitments too.

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