Back to natural nails: remove gel nails yourself

Do you want to remove your gel nails yourself, you should invest in a set of good files, because gel nails can be removed, in contrast to acrylic nails only by filing. If this is too complicated for you, you can have the gel removed in the nail salon

There are several reasons why you want to remove your gel nails yourself. You may want to breathe your natural nails or you may find that you develop an allergy. Or the nails need to get down quickly for a job interview, and you will not have time to go to the nail salon. You can easily remove your gel nails yourself at home if you follow one or the other tip.

How to remove gel nails?
If you want to remove your gel nails yourself, a lot of work has to be done, because normal UV-cured gel nails can not simply be removed, but you have to file them down from the natural nail. Tip: Before you start removing, make sure you have all the tools you need. You need a set of files of different thicknesses, a cuticle swab, a cloth or a brush to remove dust and a rich skin cream.

Remove gel nails yourself: That’s how it works
An important tip to avoid soiling and infection is to disinfect your hands first as in the nail salon. Then first push the cuticle back with a rosewood stick.

Then start with the rough file. Cut the nail on the tip with it – you should be very careful not to hurt the natural nail. Then you start to fold down the gel from the surface of the nail.

Psst: That means the grain at the nail file .

Choose nail file: From coarse to fine
The more you remove from the gel nails, the finer the grain of the nail file should be, so as not to damage the natural nail in case of fall. Therefore, file very carefully and wipe off the dust again and again to check whether you have already reached the natural nail. One more tip: you can tell the nail surface that it is less dusty than the gel.

Finally, leave a very thin layer of gel on the nail surface. It protects the natural nail and facilitates the transition from the thick gel nail to the delicate natural nails. At the very end, polish the surface nicely smooth and cream your fingers and nails well for care.

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