I told you before that I was going to remove my gel nails myself. I had been wearing them for a year and I was tired of it. They broke, became brittle, I already had 1x fungus by a nail technician who I actually didn’t know so well etc.

I will explain to you step by step how I did this, so that the do-it-yourselfers among us have an idea!  Prepare for a looooong journey !

Before I start, I would like to emphasize that it is actually best to go to a nail technician. There is a chance that you will damage your nails. There they give you a special treatment to make your nail “heal faster” and so on, but frankly I think your nail will be damaged anyway. On the other hand, not everyone wants to pay for this again (although it is certainly worth it!) And just pull their nails off because they do not realize that this is even more harmful. If you have some experience with files and you really want to do it yourself, it is better to read on different websites how you can do it yourself the easiest. Rather this than pull or bite!

You ready? Here we go!

– Coarse file and finer file
– Nail block polisher – Cuticle
– Cuticle oil and nail oil against damaged nails

Step 1: File!

You start with a coarse file (I have a banana file, seems the easiest) to file the top layer off. You file from left to right and then from top to bottom. In the beginning it seems like there is no end to it, but once you’ve cleared the color it goes fast!

I don’t file all the gel off. I leave a very thin layer on my nail. In this way you prevent that you first file too far into your nail and secondly that you can keep your nail a bit longer. When all the gel is off, you immediately notice that your nail is so thin and brittle that you are forced to cut it completely.

Eventually I file everything smoothly, so that there are no more differences in height.

Step 2: Nail Block Polisher!

After filing I use the Nail Block Polisher to go my nails, yes indeed, “polish!”
With this nail block you remove the last loose sheets / pieces of gel on your nail. This can be polished hard. If you are in pain during this step, you have filed too far and I recommend that you skip this step.

After this step your nails will feel smooth again. You can get this nail block in the professional ‘nail stylist stores.’ or wholesalers. After this step, or just before, you can use a goat to push your cuticles back and remove unnecessary sheets, if necessary.

Step 3: Cuticle oil and Herôme!

Once you’ve finished filing, polishing and the goat’s leg, we can start using cuticle oil.
You can already buy it in the Kruidvat from Herôme, Essence or another brand.

I have purchased the Jean Marin Cuticle Oil, which I am just satisfied with. Handy to use and it smells nice. I bought this in a wholesaler.

Afterwards I went over my nails with my Herôme ‘Exit Damaged nails’. It is a drop per nail that must be massaged. I’ve only done it once so I have no idea whether it works effectively or not. It smells a bit like lemons! I suspect I have paid something from 10-12 EUR and the bottle looks a bit like Jean Marin ‘cuticle oil.

After all this has been massaged and worked in, I applied the Herôme nail hardener to my nails.

Voila, this was quite a message. Again, if you are not sure about your piece, go to a nail technician, purely to prevent further damage. I hope that you have learned something about this and that you can start using it carefully.

This is how my nails look now. They are really completely gone, but I could already guess that when I started on the gel nails last year.

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