Very Important Notice To All JAMB Candidates

Very Important Notice To All JAMB Candidates, Please If You Are Writing “JAMB” Or You Have Someone Writing. Read This


We have noticed that so many candidates end up scoring 0/400 or less score below 100 out of 400 in JAMB due to so many mistakes or errors, if you are yet to write, do not fall for this particular victim because you can’t retrieve your information again if you do so.

Please for those who have their children & wards writing JAMB tomorrow please inform them not to use the “ENTER” key on the keyboard of the computer they are going to use tomorrow, but they should make use of the mouse & the up & down arrows on the keyboard b/c once they press ENTER their work will be submitted & can’t be retrieved back, so if they must use it let it be only when they are done with the questions & want to submit their work… Journey mercy to all JAMB candidates tomorrow & Goodluck

NGSchoolz Team


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