UNILORIN Students Nabbed Two Thieves During Night Class(See Photos)

According the source; The self acclaimed ‘better by far’ university had its own share of domestic thieving on the early hours of Tuesday, 2nd June 2015.

At about 3:40am, chants of ‘thief’, ‘ole’ were
heard from a very large number of students
who were studying overnight for their next
examinations probably that same morning.

unilorin thief

unilorin thief
Two boys were apprehended by the
students, accusing them of the theft of 2
Mobile Phones which included a New
UNILORIN tablet.

The boys were mobbed by the angry
students before taking them forcefully to
the Security Unit who took over the matter
from there.

Judging by the school’s rules and regulations, the penalty for such act of theft ranges from rustication to possible expulsion.

Compiled by: Daniel A. Moses

NGSchoolz Team

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