NOUN Academic Calendar for 2016/2017 Session

National Open University Of Nigeria, NOUN academic calendar for the 2016/2017 academic session is available online.


NOUN academic calendar


The authorities of the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) have released the proposed academic calendar of the university for the 2016/2017 academic session.

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      Month Activity Possible Duration Block Dates
 January Senate  January,2017
 January Registration for Courses and Examinations   by both Fresh and Returning Students commences  9th January, 2017
 January  Convocation  20th and 21st  January, 2017
 January  Facilitation commences  16thJanuary, 2017
 January  Course Registration ends  4 weeks  23rdJanuary, 2017
 February  1st TMA  2 weeks  6thFebruary, 2017
 February  Orientation of Fresh Students  7th & 8thFebruary, 2017
 February  Matriculation Ceremony  18thFebruary, 2017
 February  Inaugural Lecture
 February  Senate
 February  2nd TMA  


4 weeks

 13thFebruary, 2017
 February  3rd TMA  24thFebruary, 2017
 March  4th TMA  10th March, 2017
 March  Registration for Examination closes  10th March, 2017
 March  Facilitation ends  12th March, 2017
 March  Examinations begin  

8 weeks

 20th March, 2017
 March  Inaugural Lecture
 April  Senate
 May  Examinations end  12th May, 2017
 May  Marking of PoP begins  8th May, 2017
 May  Marking of PoP ends  26th May, 2017
 May  Collation of PoP & e-exams results ends  2nd June, 2017
 May  IT/SIWES Supervision begins  12th May, 2017
 May  Inaugural Lecture  June, 2017
 June  Senate  June, 2017
 June  Release of Examination Results  12th June, 2017
 June  IT/SIWES Supervision ends  13th June, 2017
 June  Registration of students commences  

4 weeks

 25th June, 2017
 June  Orientation of fresh students  27th June to 28th June, 2017
 July  Matriculation Ceremony 28th  – 2nd  July  1st July, 2017
 July  Facilitation commences  3rd July, 2017
 July  Inaugural Lecture
 July  Senate
 July  Registration of students ends  21st July, 2017
 August  1st TMA  


8 weeks

 25th July, 2017
 August  2nd TMA  7th August, 2017
 September  3rd TMA  21st August, 2017
 September  4th TMA  14thSeptember, 2017
 September  Facilitation ends  15thSeptember, 2017
 September  Examinations begin  


8 weeks

 25thSeptember, 2017
 September  Inaugural Lecture
 October  Senate
 November  Marking of PoP begins  10thNovember, 2017
 November  Examinations end  17thNovember, 2017
 November  Marking of PoP ends  24thNovember, 2017
 November  Collation of PoP & e-Exams results end  30thDecember, 2017
 November  IT/SIWES Supervision begins  18thNovember, 2017
 November  Inaugural Lecture
 December  Senate
 December  Release of Results  1st December, 2017
 December  IT/SIWES Supervision ends  19th December, 2017


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